In case you are… I can’t even, the U.S. Presidential Election is coming up on Tuesday, November 3. For purposes of everyone’s mental health, as well as the integrity of the electoral process and all that jazz, experts this year are recommending not waiting with bated breath for results on election night. For purposes of aiding in this endeavor, and not going crazy, I have made an executive decision to host another Movie Valhalla Watch Party with the silliest movie I can think of on election night. So instead of biting your fingernails in front of CNN or obsessively refreshing Twitter, we suggest you join us at 6:00 PT/9:00 ET for Airplane! This 1980 comedy classic sends up the 1970s trend of disaster movies with lots of extremely random jokes.

We are going to try a different format this time, using a browser add-on called Scener. You can get more information here on how it works. All you’ll need to join us is an active Netflix account. We’ll post a link here as well as on our Facebook page. All you’ll have to do is click the link. So please join us on Tuesday night and maybe laugh a little instead of tearing your hair out.


  1. I’m usually asleep early on Tuesdays, but I’ll try to make it just for the silliness. With the exception of this weekend’s grand prix, my TV viewing is limited to non-commercial Netflix or Prime. I’m even avoiding YouTube with the exception of a certain baking program with a hobbit pun name.


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