Looking at Film Classics from a Modern Perspective

Hi movie fans, my name is Daniel Joslyn. I’m not a professional critic, and I don’t have an MFA. I’m actually a lawyer living in Las Vegas who just happens to love movies, whether they’re new or old, great or awful. My goal with this blog is to look at cinema classics, many of which I’m coming to for the first time, and look at them from the perspective of someone living in today’s world. My goal is not just to find out whether the movies of Chaplin and Keaton, Hepburn and Grant, and Spielberg and Kubrick still hold up decades into the 21st Century, but what these movies still have to tell us about ourselves today. At Movie Valhalla, we let movies live on and keep doing their movie thing.

There are only a few rules of Movie Valhalla. In order to be inducted, a movie must have been released at least 20 years before. This is arbitrary, we know, but we think that in order to call a movie “classic” you need at least that much distance. We also plan to only feature movies that are “notable” in some way, though of course we get to decide what’s notable and what isn’t!

If you want to write about a certain movie, or have a certain movie you’d like us to feature, drop us a line at our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

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