The most Hollywood version of Emily Brontë’s weird, gothic masterpiece, which is still pretty weird and gothic if that’s what you’re into.

CLÉO DE 5 À 7 (1962)

The earliest big international hit of the great Agnés Varda follows a female singer on a nearly-real-time journey through the Left Bank of Paris as she waits on the results of a cancer test, but it’s actually about a lot of other things.


A very fun teen time capsule from 1990 that has a lot on its mind but resists any major dramatics.

FREAKS (1932)

Is it a horror movie or “one of the most compassionate movies ever made?” Or somehow both? A career-destroying flop that has gradually become director Tod Browning’s most acclaimed film.


I still think this enjoyable adventure story holds up, though the story of its shooting in the Congo (including possible accidental cannibalism) is now at least as famous as the movie itself.


HOW WAS THIS EVER OK, BABY BOOMERS? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? But the cinematography is pretty and there are a lot of great one-liners.

AMADEUS (1984)

A story about a normal human who is confronted with genius and it slowly drives him insane. I think I might like this movie so much because of my own psychological problems, but I definitely like it a lot.

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