Welcome to 2020, where Horror and Politics are pretty much indistinguishable. We all have a lot of anxiety right now, sometimes for actual reasons. I want to say, you’re doing OK, this is actually hard. And you know what, I think it’s OK to take your mind off of things sometimes. And that’s the idea behind our first Virtual Film Festival here at Movie Valhalla. For the next couple weeks, we’re going to feature both horror movies, for Halloween, and movies with political themes, for the Election a few days later. We’ve announced our slate of films that we’re going to hang out with over the next few weeks, and we’ll hope you’ll watch with us in our first Virtual Film Festival!

We’re also holding our first Watch Party on Friday night. We invite everyone to watch the Vincent Price camp classic The House on Haunted Hill with us on Friday night, using Amazon Watch Party. You can go here to sign up, or get the link from our Facebook page that we’ll post just prior to the movie. You may not feel comfortable going to the movies these days, but we can still watch movies together. Join us at 9:30pm EDT/6:30pm PDT on Friday, October 23.

Here is the lineup for the Virtual Film Festival:

Here’s the lineup for the Horror & Politics Virtual Film Festival:

Oct 21 – Nosferatu (dir: F.W. Murnau – 1922)

Oct 22 – Being There (dir: Hal Ashby – 1979)

Oct 23 – The House on Haunted Hill (dir: William Castle – 1959) (WATCH PARTY at 9:30am EDT/6:30pm PDT, click here for details)

Oct 24 – Election (dir: Alexander Payne – 1999)

Oct 25 – Suspiria (dir: Dario Argento – 1977)

Oct 26 – Born Yesterday (dir: George Cukor – 1950)

Oct 27 – Frankenstein (dir: James Whale – 1931)

Oct 28 – Wag the Dog (dir: David Mamet – 1997)

Oct 29 – The Exorcist (dir: William Friedkin – 1974)

Oct 30 – The Manchurian Candidate (dir: John Frankenheimer – 1962)

Oct 31 – Candyman (dir: Bernard Rose – 1992)

Nov 1 – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (dir: Frank Capra – 1939)

Nov 2 – The Shining (dir: Stanley Kubrick – 1980)

Nov 3 – All the President’s Men (dir: Alan J. Pakula – 1977)

Have fun!


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