Quick reminder of our event tonight: join us in not agonizing over the election results on Tuesday night by instead watching the very silly 1980 comedy Airplane! with us! The movie starts at 6pm PT/9pm ET. It is easy to come watch along with us and not have a nervous breakdown at the same time!

We’ll be using the Scener plug-in to watch Netflix with video chat, so you just need to have that set up and also have an active Netflix account. To get set up, just go to www.scener.com any time and just enter your name and email to create an account. Then you’ll need to install the Scener browser plugin from the same website. Once you’ve checked off these items, you should be able to join us for this and all future watch parties. We’ll be posting a link here as well as on our Facebook page, once you’re set up you just click the link and should be good to go. You can also go my profile on Scener and click “Follow” to automatically get a notification when it’s time for the Watch Party: https://scener.com/djoslyn

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