Where Classic Movies Live On

Hi movie fans, my name is Daniel Joslyn. I’m not a professional critic, and I don’t have an MFA. I’m actually a lawyer living in Las Vegas who just happens to love movies, whether they’re new or old, great or awful. My goal with this blog is to look at cinema classics, many of which I’m coming to for the first time, and look at them from the perspective of someone living in today’s world. My goal is not just to find out whether the movies of Chaplin and Keaton, Hepburn and Grant, and Spielberg and Kubrick still hold up here in the very different world of 2020, but what these movies still have to tell us about ourselves today. At Movie Valhalla, we let movies live on and keep doing their movie thing.

During the current quarantine, I’ve been going through the most recent AFI list of the Top 100 American Films from 2007. Many of them I’ve seen before, but others I haven’t. I plan to start this blog with write-ups on some of these movies, with maybe some guest spots, then move on to other classics that either should be on the AFI list or are ineligible due to being (gasp) from other countries. So I hope you’ll come with me on what’s been and I’m sure will continue to be a really interesting journey through movie history.

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