Hi everyone! We just wanted to remind you that our Horror & Politics Virtual Film Festival starts October 21. From then through the election on November 3, we’ll be featuring movies that are either horrifying or about politics. After all, it’s getting hard to tell the difference these days. We’re announcing the movies in advance, along with when they’ll be featured, so you can watch along with us if you’d like. We’ve also announced a “Watch Party” on October 23 featuring the Vincent Price camp classic The House on Haunted Hill. For more information and to sign up for the Watch Party, go here. We’ll also be posting the link to the Watch Party on our Facebook page, so if you have an active Amazon Prime subscription we’d love for you to join us.

Here’s the lineup for the Horror & Politics Virtual Film Festival:

Oct 21 – Nosferatu (dir: F.W. Murnau – 1922)

Oct 22 – Being There (dir: Hal Ashby – 1979)

Oct 23 – The House on Haunted Hill (dir: William Castle1959) (WATCH PARTY at 9:30am EDT/6:30pm PDT, click here for details)

Oct 24 – Election (dir: Alexander Payne – 1999)

Oct 25 – Suspiria (dir: Dario Argento – 1977)

Oct 26 – Born Yesterday (dir: George Cukor – 1950)

Oct 27 – Frankenstein (dir: James Whale – 1931)

Oct 28 – Wag the Dog (dir: David Mamet – 1997)

Oct 29 – The Exorcist (dir: William Friedkin – 1974)

Oct 30 – The Manchurian Candidate (dir: John Frankenheimer – 1962)

Oct 31 – Candyman (dir: Bernard Rose – 1992)

Nov 1 – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (dir: Frank Capra – 1939)

Nov 2 – The Shining (dir: Stanley Kubrick – 1980)

Nov 3 – All the President’s Men (dir: Alan J. Pakula – 1977)

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