We don’t know when we’ll be able to comfortably go to movie theaters again. Some people think maybe never, which makes me despair just to think about. But we can still do things together, thanks to the wonders of technology. So, we are excited to announce our new feature here at Movie Valhalla, the Virtual Film Festival. We plan to occasionally feature a series of featured movies on a specific theme, which we’ll announce in advance so anyone who wants to can watch along with us. We are also planning to experiment with using Facebook Watch to host watch parties for certain films. I haven’t tried this before but I’m excited to give it a shot!

So for our first event we will be hosting the Horror and Politics Virtual Film Festival, from October 21 to November 3. I had the ideas separately of doing a week of horror movies around Halloween and a week of movies about American politics around Election Day, but I realized those two would overlap this year. Then I realized that these days there isn’t much of a difference, so why not combine them?  I hope you’ll come along with us for one big nihilistic celebration of 2020.

So here’s our lineup for the Horror and Politics Virtual Film Festival (more details to follow regarding possible Facebook Watch viewing parties for some of these films):

Oct 21 – Nosferatu (dir: F.W. Murnau – 1922)

Oct 22 – Being There (dir: Hal Ashby – 1979)

Oct 23 – The House on Haunted Hill (dir: William Castle – 1959)

Oct 24 – Election (dir: Alexander Payne – 1999)

Oct 25 – Suspiria (dir: Dario Argento – 1977)

Oct 26 – Born Yesterday (dir: George Cukor – 1950)

Oct 27 – Frankenstein (dir: James Whale – 1931)

Oct 28 – Wag the Dog (dir: David Mamet – 1997)

Oct 29 – The Exorcist (dir: William Friedkin – 1974)

Oct 30 – The Manchurian Candidate (dir: John Frankenheimer – 1962)

Oct 31 – Candyman (dir: Bernard Rose – 1992)

Nov 1 – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (dir: Frank Capra – 1939)

Nov 2 – The Shining (dir: Stanley Kubrick – 1980)

Nov 3 – All the President’s Men (dir: Alan J. Pakula – 1977)

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us so far, more exciting things are on their way!

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