Horrorfest ’21 begins with this classic haunted house story that steadfastly refuses to show us any ghosts or really tell us what’s going on.


Its reputation is as the most intellectual of musicals, lacking big musical production numbers in favor of lines like “The Rain in Spain is Mostly on the Plain.”

DR. NO (1962)

With the 25th James Bond movie releasing today, we revisit the very first, which is much slower but does find the character himself fully formed.


A very influential documentary that was far ahead of its time in both its talking head approach and its LGBT themes, though for few films am I more confident saying “your mileage may vary.”

PERSONA (1966)

Perhaps the most debated and dissected “art film” of all time, about a woman who refuses to talk and her nurse, stuck alone together in an island cottage, who seem to gradually merge into a single person. Or do they?


In celebration of the late Jean-Paul Belmondo, we visit a big fun 1960s action-adventure, French-style.

GERTRUD (1964)

A story about one woman’s refusal to compromise, by a director who spent his career refusing to compromise. It is also entirely long shots of people talking in rooms.


A landmark of “modernist” cinema, but don’t expect it to, y’know, have a story or make any attempt to explain anything.

LE MÉPRIS (1963)

One of the stereotypical European Art Films from Jean-Luc Godard, but if I’m honest its not the cinematography many viewers are going to remember.