Sidney Poitier, who passed away earlier this month, became the first Black actor ever to win a Best Actor Oscar for his role as a handyman helping out a bunch of nuns in the desert.


Horrorfest ’21 begins with this classic haunted house story that steadfastly refuses to show us any ghosts or really tell us what’s going on.

LE MÉPRIS (1963)

One of the stereotypical European Art Films from Jean-Luc Godard, but if I’m honest its not the cinematography many viewers are going to remember.

TOM JONES (1963)

A movie set in the 1700s, released in the early 1960s, that still feels startlingly modern today. I absolutely loved it. Why did no one tell me this movie was so good? He said about the Oscar winner.

8 ½ (1963)

Federico Fellini couldn’t figure out how to make a movie and made a movie about not being able to make a movie. I’m still trying to figure it out.


I was floored by this Italian epic about the fall of the aristocracy, written by a prince and directed by a Marxist, starring, of all people, Burt Lancaster.