More a “blanc” than a noir, this a really great thriller in which a big city detective finds himself investigating a murder in a small town north of the Arctic Circle, where the sun is out 24 hours a day and keeps him from sleeping. Is his gradual insanity caused by the lack of sleep, the case, or both?


Our entry from Austria is a sadistically violent movie that challenges the viewers as to why they like violent movies in the first place.

CONTACT (1997)

An underrated sleeper of a science fiction classic, about things most movies have no interest in.


A gorgeous animation classic that is firmly for adults, about the eternal struggle between humans and their environment.


Ang Lee directs a “comedy of manners” about two families crashing into each other over Thanksgiving weekend.

WAG THE DOG (1997)

This political satire remains hilarious, but these days can’t quite escape its basic 1990s-ness.

TITANIC (1997)

This epic disaster movie slash romance became the highest grossing movie all time and won all the Oscars. But what do we think 23 years later?