Perhaps the best of the Steven Spielberg popcorn movies, with dinosaur effects that incredibly still hold up 28 years later.

ALIENS (1986)

A bombastic, action-packed sequel that has basically nothing in common with its tense, contained thriller of a predecessor, and yet both are great movies in their own way.

OUR 300th MOVIE: PREDATOR (1987)

The winner of our action movie poll is the muscle-fest called “Predator,” in which Arnold Schwarzenegger fights an alien that see only in very doofy-looking heat vision.


For those who enjoy a good post-apocalyptic diesel-punk environmental fable, with the usual stunning animation from Hayao Miyazaki.

SOLARIS (1972)

A heavily influential Soviet sci-fi epic that takes a lot of patience from the viewer to get to its basic message: no matter how far we go, we’ll never be able to escape our own humanity.

CONTACT (1997)

An underrated sleeper of a science fiction classic, about things most movies have no interest in.


A Star Trek parody that sort of lucked into an all-timer of a cast, now essentially beloved as an actual example of the thing it was parodying.

GOJIRA (1954)

With “Godzilla vs. Kong” trying to lure viewers back to theaters, we re-visit the giant lizard monster’s first on-screen appearance.

REPO MAN (1984)

Sort of a punk rock apocalypse. Or a comedy about some sort of alien invasion. Or a cautionary tale about the Neutron Bomb. Or…